Deck ,Patio, Pool  Areas and Docks


Sportgrid Inc. manufactures 2 floor style patterns  tradenamed DEKGRID specifically for deck, patios, balocnies and pool and hot tub areas. The tile is a free floating interlocking tile made of high impact plastics with a drain throgh design ideal to cover weatherbeaten wood decks, cracked concrete and stained vinyl coverings as well as new deck construction.  The tile simply snaps together  and can be trimmed to fit when you ocme to the end of the deck. DEKGRID is easy to install with no nails or glue. The tile is 12" x 12" x1/2"  high with the bottom 1/4" legs  designed  to allow the rain and water to drain through making it easy to clean. This design also lets the wood get air to allow it to dry. This airflow allows the top of the tile to remain cooler than the subbase deck.  DEKGRID comes in 20 colors and allows you to mix and match designs and comes with a 10 year limited warranty. The DEKGRID LEISURE pattern is designed for comfort on you bare feet while the DEKGRID WEAVE gives you the rattan look.  Both tiles have an optional  bevelled edge strip for the perimeter of the deck or the run of the stairs.


DECKRID COOL, our newest tile, has a special additive in the tile for decks and patios that are TOO HOT to walk on and cools the surface down substancially.


DEKGRID has been manufactured in Canada since 1988.